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Privacy Notice

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that we provide privacy information regarding the information we hold for each of our customers.

In relation to this our organisation is K9 Pastures and the contact details are:

Alex Hassall

K9 Pastures

Telephone Number: 07718 751406


The purpose of the data we obtain is simply to allow yourselves the ability to book date and time slots within the K9 Pastures field facility. We use a third party booking system ( to do this and your e-mail address is used to send you confirmations and reminders of your bookings, or to advise you of relevant communications such as holidays, field maintenance or closures.

Your name and phone number is obtained in order that we may contact you to resolve any queries. This data is supplied purely by yourselves and not imported from or transferred to any other parties (Other than the booking system suppliers).

All data is held securely by and no data is recorded on any local devices.

This data is retained for as long as you wish to continue to use the facility, should you wish to exercise your right to have that data removed simply contact ourselves and we will delete your record. Similarly should you require a copy of any information we hold on your behalf, or request that your information is corrected in some way simply contact us by phone or e-mail in the first instance 

There is no need to supply this data as part of a statutory or contractual obligation and no decision making or profiling is carried out on your information.

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