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Terms & Conditions

Rules relating to the conditions of use of K9 Pastures secure dog field

Please note use of the field is subject to written agreement that you accept these conditions of use. Any violation of these conditions will prohibit future use of the facility. 

Introductory Visit

  • All applicants for use of the field must arrange an introductory visit. Here Alex will outline the major conditions of use and you will be asked to sign the declaration section of these terms and conditions. Should you wish to hire the facility you will (without exception) need to sign this declaration as your agreement to comply with these terms and conditions.

  • At the introductory visit prospective customers must ensure the field is suitable and secure for their specific use (e.g fence height, fencing materials, and proximity to livestock).


  • K9 Pastures reserve the right to alter the pricing structure for use of the field.


  • Payment is via the Online Booking system, you can use your paypal account or major debit and credit cards via the paypal payment portal.  (see Bookings page, and Prices page for current prices).

Booking & Cancellations

  • Use of the field is strictly by appointment only. Please contact us to make a booking. Any breach of this condition will lead to your permitted use of the field being permanently revoked.

  • Bookings are non-transferable to other people.  There is a minimum cancellation period of 24 hours after which payment will not refunded. When making your booking you must give honest accurate details of the number of dogs, people and vehicles to be used in the booking. Any changes to these details before the booking takes place must be notified to K9 Pastures in advance.

  • Your booking time includes the time required for you to secure your dog(s) and return them to your vehicle. Customers must ensure that they vacate the car park no later than the end time of their booking.  Failure to do so may impinge on the following booking and if so may lead to the withdrawal of the facility for your use.

  • Bookings which are cancelled with 24 hours notice or more will be refunded. Refunds will be made at the end of each week. To cover the costs of online booking and the administration of refunds, a cancellation fee of £1 will be applied for each cancellation. If you cannot attend your booking for whatever reason you may prefer to simply move the booking to an alternative date and time.  Please also observe the 24 hour rule for re-appointment.   Cancellations/re-appointments made within 24 hours will not be refunded.

Numbers of Cars People and Dogs

  • Use of the field is subject to a maximum of 2 vehicles being present in the designated car park for the duration of your booking. Other individuals may join you on your visit but please notify Alex at K9 Pastures, so that she can meet them on their first visit, as they will need to sign the declaration of agreement to the terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.

  • Provided no more than 2 vehicles are present within the car park during your booking then you may include the previously agreed number of dogs for your booking. (Please see pricing for single, and group rates).

Withdrawal of Facility

  • K9 Pastures reserve the right to withdraw permission to use the facility at their discretion, for example on the basis of weather conditions, or where individuals have not complied with the conditions of use. Subject to the reason for the withdrawal of the facility, any advanced payment may be refunded. However K9 Pastures  shall be under no liability for any other expenses incurred or loss sustained by the client as a result of the use of the facility being withdrawn, at our sole discretion.

Opening Times

  • For safety reasons the field will be open at specific times during the summer and winter seasons. (Please see opening times on the company web site for current opening times). Strictly no access to the field is allowed outside of these opening times.

  • Please note the last booking will be effective 1 hour before the applicable closing time.

Entering & Exiting the Field

  •  Please arrive at the field no earlier than 5 minutes to the hour. Please ensure that once in the field you secure the gate before releasing your dogs.  

  • When not in use, the gate will be locked and customers will be provided with a means of unlocking the gate ahead of their appointment. Customers must ensure they lock the gate when exiting the field.


  • On exiting the field similarly you must ensure all dogs are secured before opening the gate.  Please drive away no later than 10 minutes to the hour. K9 Pastures accept no liability for any damage or loss sustained whilst customers are in the car park. Customers waiting to use the field with their booking must remain in their vehicle(s) whilst the car park is vacated by the previous customer.

  • Should you enter the field late within the time of your booking this will not alter the end time of your booking. You should ensure that you vacate the site on time so as not to cause any delay to anybody waiting to start their booking.


  • Under no circumstances will two bookings be allowed to overlap.

Maintenance & Health & Safety


  • There are dedicated dog waste bins located on site and customers must use these for the disposal of dog waste, but dog waste only please.

  • Please take other litter home with you.

  • The field is a countryside based facility and as such although maintained by K9 Pastures there may be natural hazards for example, sticks, branches, stones, small holes, and stinging nettles in the field.

  • There are no toilets on site.

  • Customers or Children must not climb on, in or use any equipment or structures within the fields, and K9 Pastures will not accept any liablility for personal injury however caused.

  • The field and fencing will be inspected daily to ensure it is healthy and secure but please notify us if you have any concerns.

  • Customers must pick up any dog faeces and place them in the designated bins provided. (Please note the grass is used by a local farmer and dog waste is a very serious risk to pregnant livestock). Anyone found to disregard this condition will prejudice their future use of the facility.  

  • You must not litter the field and, as indicated previously, must take litter home with you.

  • Owners must discourage their dog(s) from digging and any resultant holes from your dog(s) digging must be filled in prior to leaving the field. 

  • K9 Pastures may get wet and muddy from time to time (especially in the winter months) so customers must ensure adequate and suitable footwear is worn at all times.

  • You must remove all of your personal dog toys and training aids on leaving the field, being particularly vigilant to remove any broken toys or balls. Tennis balls in particular pose a serious choking risk to any dog.

  • K9 Pastures operates a strict no smoking or vaping policy on the premises. Anyone found violating this policy will have their permission to use the field withdrawn immediately and permanently.  

  • Any children under the care and/or control of the client must be supervised at all times by the client.

  • The client shall not bring in to K9 Pastures, any article of an inflammable or explosive nature; anything which emits an offensive smell; any CFC or  civil, electrical, gas or any other apparatus without the written approval of K9 Pastures.

  • The Client will not operate the release of any high flying object, without the prior written consent of K9 Pastures, The Civil Aviation Authority and the relevant airports.

  • At no time should any dog(s) be tethered to any structures on site, e.g. fencing, posts, gates.

  • You must not climb on gates, fencing or posts.

  • Dogs should not be left unattended at any time. You should accompany your dog(s) at all times such that you are aware of what they are doing, and can ensure they are safe and are complying with these terms and conditions.

  • In accordance with the law regarding 'Responsible Dog Ownership' you are entirely responsible for yours and your dog(s) safety whilst at K9 Pastures.  The law states that you should be in control of your dog(s) at all times. This law still applies at K9 Pastures, regardless of whether you are alone, or a K9 Pastures representative is present.

Right of Entry

  • K9 Pastures staff will be allowed access at any time onto the land to carry out inspections and only decisions made by K9 Pastures regarding safety and fitness of use, will be binding.

  • K9 Pastures reserve the right to refuse permission to or evict any persons from the premises.  

Code of Ethics

  • Owners must ensure that all dogs using the field are up to date with their dog(s) respective flea, worming, and tick control. 

  • K9 Pastures does not allow the use of choke or prong collars, hand held spray or electronic training collars anywhere in the field or the car park.

  • Harsh handling of any dog(s) either verbal or physical is not allowed. 


  •  All dogs must wear their collars with an up to date tag and be micro-chipped.


  • To maintain the professional integrity of K9 Pastures dog trainers working with their clients will only be allowed by prior agreement with K9 Pastures.


  • To maintain the professional integrity of K9 Pastures professional dog walkers will only be allowed by prior agreement with K9 Pastures.


  • If your dog(s) or any dog(s) (they) live with are showing any signs of ill health (coughing, diarrhoea, vomiting, general illness, lethargy etc) you will cancel any pending booking. This is to preserve the health of all dogs visiting the site as some may have weakened immune systems. 

  • All Dog Trainers and Professional Walkers must provide a copy of their Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance prior to be granted permission to use the field facility. Inability to provide a copy will mean that permission to use the field will be withheld. Insurances must be kept up to date and valid for the intended duration of use of the field.


  • K9 Pastures have the right to cancel any booking forthwith in the event that K9 Pastures is affected by an emergency / 'Act of God' at any time. K9 Pastures will refund any fees paid in these circumstances.​​

Variations to the Agreement

  • K9 Pastures reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time. Any variations so made should be deemed to be incorporated in these conditions.​​

Marketing & Publication

  • K9 Pastures reserve the right to use any material including texts and images provided by you to us (in any format) or via our facebook page for the purposes of marketing and promotion.​

Preservations of Rights

  • ​This agreement does not create any rights over the land, and the client hiring the field accepts the landowner maintains control and possession of the dog field at all times.​​

Personal Responsibilities

  • K9 Pastures and the land owner are not responsible and will not accept any liability for any loss, damage, injury or death how so ever and by whom so ever caused excepting that caused by the negligence or wilful misconduct of K9 Pastures or its employees, whether to property, dogs, or person(s) sustained whilst at K9 Pastures


  • I agree to abide by these rules, terms and conditions, and accept that the use of these facilities is at at my own risk and mine and my dogs behaviour and actions are my sole responsibility and no claim can be made against K9 Pastures or the landowner.

  • I accept that K9 Pastures will not be liable for any losses, claims, actions, damages, costs, expenses or other liability incurred in any way by the client through hiring the use of the K9 Pastures field.


Car Parking

Customers of the field must only park their cars in the designated car park. Only 2 cars are to be present during the time of your visit. 

Parking on the public highway/lane is strictly prohibited. Parking is at your own risk and K9 Pastures accept no liability for any loss or damages sustained in the use of the car park.


I agree to be bound by the above conditions of us of K9 Pastures.




Terms and Conditions V1.00

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